About Us

Maszka Costume Rental Shop is the oldest, largest and of course the best one in Budapest!

It was established nearly 50 years ago as a state-owned enterprise. It went private in the

beginning of ‘90s but the current status only started to grow up 8 years ago!

Reforms were really necessary!

Inventory and making photos of that huge amount of costumes were gigantic task for

us! Finally we have succeeded to show on the internet that approximately 20.000 pcs of

costumes, what were worn in movies, performances, national feasts and so on for everyone by

photos what were made by us!

The result of persistent work of the last years is that anyone can view all of our costumes via

internet anywhere!

On our website we mixed the classical fancy-dresses with novelties. Beside tarnished,

sometimes 50 years old items the extreme, in our days popular costumes! Thus we have a

huge selection of costumes what satisfies all requirements!

For every age-group you can find the suitable fancy-dress and accessories from classical to

the extreme.

We specially emphasize the accessories! In our opinion without accessories a costume is so

empty like a flat without furniture. Let me mention some of them: wigs, eyelashes, nails, hats,

and so on.

Maszka strive to introduce a conception what was unknown in Hungary until now in the party

sphere! Don’t be afraid to slip into costumes because you will enjoy yourself twice!

Our website will be available in English as well very soon! So we are looking for every

foreign language speaking people, who wants to participate on a party even if they only stay

or live in Hungary! Of course we can help you via e-mail or by phone currently as well!

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